Raving Fans

Dr. Allan Ruda

New Jersey

Over $100,000 increase in Hygiene Production

I have been with the program for 8 months, and I have been in practice 27 years. I have been through a lot of different consultants in all those years. I have had very good success with Wendy's program. We started in hygiene and it was a great place to start. We have increased in the last year over $100,000 in hygiene alone. I am excited!

Dr. Jim Nasim

CEO Carolina Dental Arts

Production increases when you focus on patient care

I have 12 practices in South Carolina, and we have been using the program and started about 3 months ago. We are already pushing close to $200,000 in additional revenues. More importantly we are offering a significant improvement in the care we are providing to patients. We have a motivated team and all I see is bright skies and additional growth in our company.

Eric Layton

Charelston, SC

Doubled our Hygiene Production in the first 4 weeks!

About a month ago we started with the Team Training Institute, you never know what you are going to get when you sign up with consultants until you pay for it.  We have 2 Hygienists who were averaging $1300 a day (combined) and after our first optimized production visit, one hygienist had a $1700 day BY HERSELF!!  4 weeks after that training, we now consistently average $2,600 a day (combined).

Dr. Chuck Tozzer

Hygiene Team INCREASE production from $250 to $350 per hour.

Wendy, I'm excited to report progress since your last trip. When you first came in, we were doing $250 per hour, hygiene production. That was good, and this is unassisted, keep in mind. Now we're doing $350 per hour, hygiene unassisted. It's a tremendous difference. Hygiene routinely does 2,500 to $3,000 per day. Tremendous impact on the bottom line. But most important, we're offering better service. Our patients are better taken care of. And what's interesting is these procedures, the patients are requesting. They're demanding them, which astounded me. You told me it would happen and I didn't believe you, but it is. It's true.

Dr. Tina Goodall

Cary NC

I Didn’t Want Just Any Coach


I didn’t know how I could possibly grow and get better but I knew that I needed systems in place… I didn’t want just any coach that would come in and revamp my whole practice.  I wanted to be sure that it was someone that would help me put things in place, based on my philosophy, my morals and my way of practicing.


I knew that the Team Training Institute was the place for me.  8 months after I started we have more than doubled the practice, our production has gone up, our collections have gone up, we went from 4 ops – to 5 ops – to 8 ops- and will grow to 13 soon.  We went from me being the only dentist not full – to being full and overloaded – to bringing on a part time dentist – to looking at a full time dentist.  We have added 2 hygienists.  It’s very exciting!

Dr. Cris


They Gave Me The Skills To Last A Lifetime


You can bring in all the new patients you want into your office, but if you can’t serve them and do the dentistry, that is going to fail.  What impresses me about John is he’s a dentist like me.  I’ve heard a zillion consultants with great ideas but when you have one of the ‘guys’ showing you how to do it and PROVE that it works.  It’s powerful.


If I could give a gift to any young dentists and tell them someone you could hang your hat on, I would hang it on these guys, they are going to give you the skills that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Treva Lee

TTI is a unique group of individuals providing guidance and innovative ideas in dentistry and related industries for unique dental practices willing to always seek improvement in the lives of their patients, community and dental team members.

Raquel Michel

Hood Dental Care

This is an amazing experience – not only for the dentist but also for their team members, no matter their title or position in the practice.  Our team ALWAYS leaves inspired and excited to back to our office and implement all that we have learned from the TTI team. We look forward to our next visit with TTI.  Thanks for doing what you do to encourage and make us a stronger team.

Crystal Camphouse

Sandcreek Dental

The longer you wait to sign up, the more productivity you are missing out on.  If you want growth all the way around, you need to make changes and they [TTI] will teach you to make these changes without all the negativity.  Progress is not perfection.  Best money ever spent!